Ready Mixed Concrete

Supplying quality ready mixed concrete to southern Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.  Our volumetric mobile plant ensures you get the best fresh concrete available.

Bentonite Clay

We have experience with mixing and pouring bentonite clay.  Call us to hear about our successful projects and happy customers.

Flexible and Reliable

Mixing on-site makes for the freshest concrete and for more delivery options saving you time and money.  We only mix what you need so you save money.  Reducing waste makes ready mixing the environmentally friendly choice!

Fresh is Best with Concrete

Concrete that is freshly made on-site makes for the best concrete and the most flexible options at the job site.  Only enough concrete for the job is produced which saves money and avoids waste and messy cleanups.  Your concrete is only mixed when you're ready for it.  We welcome variable job sizes and remote job sites.

Volumetric concrete delivery allows dry batching which means lighter loads on winter roads and easier access to hard to get to locations such as cottages or even remote islands.

Falcon Concrete has never failed a site test and we meet or exceed all industry standards including ASTM 685.

In partnership with Graal Mechanical and Knutson Building Limited, we are proud to serve central Canada including Manitoba, cottage country in the Whiteshell, and Lake of the Woods, Northwest Ontario, and areas of Saskatchewan in french or in english.

pouring concrete on job site